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Join us live in person at Bottlerocket Social Hall in Pittsburgh, PA or online for our first Value for Value broadcast on Feb 16 to celebrate the release of our second LP, From The Nook. 


You can stream the album starting right now with us over at Wavlake!


Tracks 1-3

Tracks 4-6

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Scroll below for ticket link and learn how to access the live video broadcast from the show (9:30PM EST)




Join us in the new generation of independent artists


To access the album before it hits the mainstream channels and have an opportunity to support us direct with value, visit us on wavlake (above) or get a new podcast app!

Some of our favorites:

To tune in to the live video broadcast, join us at one of the podcast apps listed above or direct right here.

If you're stuck in the legacy apps, you can find our music below along with From The Nook starting Feb 16!

Thanks for listening! 


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